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  • 2 Chickpeas Salads : My Style and Balila

    There are other recipes for chickpeas salads or stews. I will publish them soon so you will have a wider choice for cooking this légume which is high in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. ???? The photo and ingredients are for “My Style” chickpeas salad. For hommos “Balila” (Lebanese recipe), use the same ingredients but omit […]

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  • Rice with fried Vermicelli

    Once you taste this Lebanese style rice, you will be addicted to it. The fried vermicelli gives it a great nutty taste and aroma. If the vermicelli you bought is long, break it into smaller pieces before using it.

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  • Beetroot and Chicken Salad

    I usually do this kind of salad when I have some chicken leftover. I like to combine the chicken with a cooked vegetable and, of course, with some fresh salad and herbs. It’s an attractive dish, perfect as a starter, light lunch, or even dinner!

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  • Butter Beans Salad

    This is my version of this Lebanese style beans salad. Butter Beans (also known as Lima beans) are large, flat and white dried beans. It’s difficult to find fresh butter beans (and hence the use of dried beans). They have a buttery texture and are a good source of fiber, high quality protein, iron, magnesium […]

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  • Potato and Spinach Medley

    I love and eat every edible green leaf but this does not apply to my husband! He loves vegetables but not green leaves. He will eat them when they are hidden or covered with something else, hence this medley!

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