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  • Spinach with Fried Garlic and Caramelised Onions

    We already know that spinach is packed with vitamins and minerals which are essential To a healthy diet. It is a versatile vegetable as it can be eaten raw or cooked and is available fresh or frozen. The recipe herein is Inspired from a Lebanese recipe which includes green chicory leaves (aka cultivated dandelion – […]

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  • Spaghetti alla Trapanese (Spaghetti Trapani Style)

    For this dish you can also use linguine, buccatini, penne… I like to use whole grain spelt pasta. The pesto-like sauce is really simple to make and above all it is very tasty. But before cooking, you need to coarsely ground whole almonds (skin included) in the food processor. Quantity of pasta per person: 80 […]

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  • Kafta bil Saynieh – Oven Baked Minced Meat Patties and Vegetables

    This is my version of this very popular and hearty Lebanese dish. Usually, it is made with minced meat (lamb or beef), potatoes and tomatoes. But I always favour the addition of more vegetables. The vegetables I usually add do not have a strong flavour. Therefore, it does not spoil the original taste but, on […]

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  • Green Peas, Carrots and Lamb Shanks Stew

    This is another Lebanese dish, hearty, easy to cook and full of goodies. it is tastier if cooked with lamb shanks because of the bone but you can use any other lamb cuts or even use beef instead. it is usually served with “Vermicelli” rice. The recipe of this will be published soon after this […]

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  • Ladies’ Fingers or Okra in Tomato Sauce – Bemieh Bil Zeit

    This vegetable is also known as Gombo in West Africa. It has many health benefits such as vitamins A and C and is also a good source of magnesium. It’s a common ingredient in some creole and Cajun dishes. It’s not liked by everyone because of the “slime” that generates when it is cooked. But […]

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