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  • Beetroot and Feta Salad

    I love beetroot! I guess the love of it is encrusted in my Polish DNA! Beside being tasty and sweet, it is full of vitamins and minerals. Before we married, my English husband thought that beetroot was eaten only pickled! In Poland (also in the neighbouring countries), beetroot is a staple vegetable and used in […]

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  • Masbahet Darwich – Lebanese Meat & Vegetables Casserole

    This is another Lebanese recipe that comprises meat (lamb or beef) and a variety of vegetables. The translation of the Lebanese name is « the rosary beads of the Derwich »!😀 The main quality of this dish is that it covers the recommended vegetable intake of minimum 5 a day. The second is the addition of the […]

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  • Frijoles a la Mexicana – Mexican Pinto beans

    Vegetarian “Mexican Pinto Beans” is the perfect nourishing dish that has it all: good taste, essential nutrients, low fat, high fibre and high protein (perfect substitute for meat). Pinto Beans are very popular in Mexico and are a common filling for burritos (wheat tortillas filled with various ingredients). Check my burrito recipe which will be […]

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  • Baked Lamb Chops, on a Bed of Onions & Potatoes

    This recipe is a simple one-pan meal and a time saver! It is flavourful, perfect for a family gathering and nutritionally balanced when served with some greens on the side. There is only one advisable step to do before cooking the chops which is to marinate them at least for few hours. Overnight would be […]

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  • Butternut or Pumpkin Kebbeh (Butternut or Pumpkin Purée with Bulgur wheat)

    This is a vegan and vegetarian recipe par excellence! It’s delicious and nutritious! There are many other varieties of kebbeh in Lebanon. I have already posted another vegan/vegetarian kebbeh on my website, the potato kebbeh. And I have also posted the meat kebbeh, for meat eaters. This butternut/pumpkin kebbeh can be cooked either in the […]

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