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  • Dobara Biskra – Spicy chickpeas and broad Beans dish

    Dobara is a spicy and tanguy soup-like dish that can be eaten at room temperature, or hot (in winter). It originated in Biskra, a town located in North East of Algeria (at the beginning of the Sahara desert). Dobara is a delicious and a quite nutritious vegetarian meal! My daughter in law introduced me to […]

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  • Clams and Spaghetti Alle Vongole

    The season for clams is now on. Clams are molluscs and live half way buried in the sand of the sea floor. They are very nutritious with many health benefits. They are a lean source of protein and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Before cooking them we have to clean them as follows: Submerge […]

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  • Mexican beans salad

    This salad is hearty, delicious, nutritious and colourful. It is an excellent meal for vegans and vegetarians as it contains enough protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. I use cooked dry beans (any type), chickpeas, corn and raw vegetables.

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  • Fattoush – Traditional Lebanese Mixed Salad

    This is another famous Lebanese salad that initially was made by peasants to use up leftover raw greens, herbs, tomatoes…. and, last but not least, old (dry) Lebanese flat bread. Nowadays, it is very popular and to make it, we toast the bread (Some even fry the bread) then tear it into bite size pieces. […]

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  • Tubers and Root Vegetables Creamy Mash

    This is a healthy and tasty mash done with four vegetables instead of one. It accompanies any meat or poultry and almost fulfills your quota of “5 a day”! You can also use turnips, Jerusalem artichokes and celeriac.

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