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Baked Lamb Kebbe

Kebbe is a popular dish...

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  • Quisotto (Quinoa and Kale Risotto)

    Quinoa and kale are known as superfoods but they are also bland in taste. So I created this recipe that I named Quisotto to include both ingredients in a risotto style dish, tasty and healthy; to be eaten at room temperature or slightly warm for enhanced taste. If kale is not available use spinach, Swiss […]

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  • Prawns – Grilled or Sautéed

    I love prawns and I think many of us do too! In U.K., these crustaceans are called prawns whereas elsewhere they are also known as shrimps. In my recipe, I use the large king prawns (a.k.a. jumbo shrimps) but you can also use any medium size prawns. PS: for this recipe, you need to buy […]

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  • Accras (Fish Fritters)

    Accras are a popular dish of the Caribbean, the West Indies (Antilles) and some parts of Africa. In the French Antilles, it is part of the créole cuisine and is called Accras de Morue (salt cod fritters) Initially it was always prepared with salt cod but nowadays it can be replaced by any salted or fresh white […]

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  • Pakoras (Indian Veggie fritters)

    Pakoras are quite popular in India, especially as a street food. The main ingredient is the gram flour (chickpea flour) mixed with rice flour or wheat flour, vegetables of your choice, Indian spices and herbs. In this recipe, as vegetables, I have used a leftover of mashed potatoes, grated courgettes and scallions. Pakoras are ideal as a snack, […]

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  • Baked Lamb Kebbe

    Kebbe is a popular dish in Lebanon and can be eaten in many forms. The recipe herein is for the simple baked lamb kebbe. It is usually prepared with lamb, or beef, but you can also prepare it with turkey meat (I did it for some of my friends who do not eat red meat […]

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