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Our chef Krys brings you the best recipes from around the world!

  • Shawarma (Marinated Lamb, Beef or Chicken Slices)

    Shawarma is a Levantine meat preparation where slices of lamb, beef or chicken are marinated in vinegar and spices then stacked on a vertical spit. As the spit rotates, the meat is roasted on all sides. When ready, the meat is shaved off with a knife and served on a platter or a wrap, together […]

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  • Green or White Cabbage Salad

    This Lebanese salad is refreshing, tangy, garlicky, nutritious and simple to make. The leaves are finely shredded then tossed with olive oil, mashed garlic and lemon juice. Sometimes I like to add to it some more nutrients such as cooked beetroot, tomatoes, peppers or herbs (basil, mint or parsley).

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  • Wild Garlic Pesto

    Spring is the season of the wild garlic. In Britain we forage for wild garlic in old woodlands and riverbanks. It grows in abundance in damp grounds. They are entirely edible but, to preserve it, don’t uproot the bulbs, pick only the leaves and flowers. The benefits of this wild plant are numerous! The most […]

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  • Polish Beetroot Soup – Barszcz (more commonly known as Borscht)

    This is a favourite soup of my childhood. As a child I did not like soups except for this sweet, sour and bright red beet soup. There are more then one recipes for this soup. The one that my mother usually cooked included meat, bones, cabbage, carrots, leeks, parsley, celery, onion and garlic. But for […]

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  • Spinach Soup

    This is a recipe of mine. It is a healthy and hearty winter soup! Also Easy and quick to cook! I use fresh spinach leaves but you can do it also with frozen spinach.

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