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  • Polish Style Broccoli

    This recipe was inspired from the Polish dish of steamed cauliflower and butter-fried breadcrumbs that my mother used to make. It is healthy and quick to make. As an alternative, use cauliflower instead of broccoli.

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  • Pakoras (Indian Veggie fritters)

    Pakoras are quite popular in India, especially as a street food. The main ingredient is the gram flour (chickpea flour) mixed with rice flour or wheat flour, vegetables of your choice, Indian spices and herbs. In this recipe, as vegetables, I have used a leftover of mashed potatoes, grated courgettes and scallions. Pakoras are ideal as a snack, […]

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  • Potato Salad – Mediterranean Style

    We all know potato salad made with mayonnaise. This version is “healthier”, more colourful and has no mayonnaise. It is good as a vegan meal, on its own, or as an accompaniment to any meat, fish or chicken dish. You can add or replace the herbs that are in this recipe and use basil, mint, […]

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  • Tortilla Espanola – Spanish Omelette

    This is another egg based dish, tasty, nourishing and easy to cook. Unlike the Italian frittata or the French omelette – both made with eggs and a variety of ingredients and/or vegetables – the Spanish tortilla is done with eggs and potatoes only although some regions incorporate also peppers and onions, as in my recipe. […]

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  • Loubié Bizeit ( Flat Beans in Tomato Sauce)

    This dish must be made with the flat and stringless beans known as Helda or Romano beans. They are flavoursome and are great cooked with tomato sauce (our recipe) or just cooked in water then seasoned with garlic, lemon and olive oil (served as a warm salad). Before cooking them, you need to cut the […]

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