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  • Prawns Concoction

    This inspired recipe is now one of my husband’s favourites. I created it one day when I had in my fridge some pre-cooked prawns and vegetables that needed to be eaten. I wanted to make a dish which, if combined with pasta, rice or quinoa would be a wholesome meal. It’s particularly nice when combined […]

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  • How to Make Labneh (Creamy Yogurt Cheese) and How to Use it

    No one knows exactly when Labneh was first created but it has been eaten in the Levant (Lebanon, Syria, Palestine…) for thousands of years. Labneh is made from strained yogurt which is made from either cow or goat or sheep milk. Greek yogurt is strained, but not as much as Labneh which is strained until […]

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  • Vegan Stuffed Swiss Chard & Wine Leaves (Or Cabbage Leaves)

    This is a very nice vegan/vegetarian dish, perfect as a starter or a main dish. Usually this version is part of the Lebanese mezze and is eaten at room temperature. If you are using Swiss chard: wash the leaves, remove their stalks then blanch them by plunging them into a pot of boiling water, for […]

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  • Rice with Green Broad Beans (also known as Fava Beans)

    This recipe is from Lebanon. It can be prepared also with minced meat but I prefer the vegetarian version which I cook during our meat free days. It is delicious with a side serving of yogurt and/or green salad. You can use any type of rice but the white short grain one would be best. I also like […]

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  • Authentic Falafel Recipe (Chickpeas Patties), From Scratch

    Falafel is one of the popular street foods of Lebanon. When bought as a street food, it is served as a sandwich, wrapped in a Lebanese flat bread together with some greens, tomatoes, pickled turnip and green chili, all topped with a tangy tarator (tahini sauce). Otherwise, you can buy it on it’s own or […]

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