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  • Green Beans and Lamb Ragout (Yakhnet Loubieh)

    In the Lebanese cuisine, you can add almost any vegetable to some meat (beef or lamb) and cook a tasty ragout. These stews are usually made with tomato sauce, onions, garlic and seasoned mainly with these spices: allspice, cinnamon and pepper. The vegetables that can be used with the tomato sauce are: any type of […]

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  • Dobara Biskra – Spicy chickpeas and broad Beans dish

    Dobara is a spicy and tanguy soup-like dish that can be eaten at room temperature, or hot (in winter). It originated in Biskra, a town located in North East of Algeria (at the beginning of the Sahara desert). Dobara is a delicious and a quite nutritious vegetarian meal! My daughter in law introduced me to […]

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  • Prawns Concoction

    This inspired recipe is now one of my husband’s favourites. I created it one day when I had in my fridge some pre-cooked prawns and vegetables that needed to be eaten. I wanted to make a dish which, if combined with pasta, rice or quinoa would be a wholesome meal. It’s particularly nice when combined […]

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  • Potato Croquettes

    Croquettes are tasty and look nicer and more elegant than normal mashed potatoes and are a great accompaniment to meat, fish or chicken. They can also be eaten on their own, smothered with a spicy tomato sauce or any other sauce of your choice. Croquettes can be prepared from scratch or from a leftover of […]

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  • Cabbage, mince meat, rice and chickpeas casserole

    Instead of making stuffed cabbage rolls, I thought of this lazy way of alternating layers of cabbage leaves and stuffing (rice and meat mince), then top the last layer with tomato sauce and cooked chickpeas.  

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