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  • Fattoush – Traditional Lebanese Mixed Salad

    This is another famous Lebanese salad that initially was made by peasants to use up leftover raw greens, herbs, tomatoes…. and, last but not least, old (dry) Lebanese flat bread. Nowadays, it is very popular and to make it, we toast the bread (Some even fry the bread) then tear it into bite size pieces. […]

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  • French Flat Green Beans Sautéed with Garlic and Parsley

    These French flat greens beans are also known as Romano beans. They are stringless and more flavourful than other varieties. But before sautéing you need to lightly cook them in salty water, according to your taste (crunchy or tender). However, don’t overcook them as they will cook further when they are sautéed. They are perfect […]

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  • Hummus Musabaha – Warm & Chunky Chickpeas in Tahini Sauce

    The main ingredients of this Lebanese and Levantine dish are the same as the regular smooth hummus but different in : 1) texture: one part of the cooked chickpeas are crushed into chunky pieces and the other part left whole. 2) presentation: the chickpeas are “swimming” (Arabic name of this dish) in their sauce (partly […]

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  • Baked Aubergine (Eggplant), My Way

    This a delicious and easy dish to prepare! All you need are 3 main Ingredients. Done in more or less 30 minutes in the oven, at 200 degrees Celsius. If you like it spicy hot, smear the aubergine with some Harissa paste before baking. Let’s cook!

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  • Pilaf of Bulgur and Vegetables (Bulgur Abour)

    The Armenian name of this dish is Bulgur Abour. Bulgur is wheat which is boiled then dried and cracked. Therefore, when soaked, the bulgur does not need to be cooked to be soft. One cup of dry bulgur makes about 2 cups of soaked or cooked bulgur. For this pilaf you need the coarse grain […]

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