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  • Sticky chicken (Kung Pao)

    This classic dish originated in the Sichuan Province but is found throughout China, with some variations. Kung Pao chicken is also a staple of westernised Chinese cuisine, served in most Chinese restaurants. It is spicy, sweet, savory and most of all, addictive! In my recipe, I have added some broccoli to make it healthier. it […]

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  • Chicken Cacciatore – Chicken Hunter-Style

    This Recipe is Italian (Tuscan more precisely). The French have their own version, called “Poulet Chasseur”(same meaning) which is quite similar. I prefer though the Italian one because of some additional ingredients that I like. This dish is usually made with thighs and/or drumsticks, or also a whole chicken cut into parts. It makes a […]

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  • Quisotto (Quinoa and Kale Risotto)

    Quinoa and kale are known as superfoods but they are also bland in taste. So I created this recipe that I named Quisotto to include both ingredients in a risotto style dish, tasty and healthy; to be eaten at room temperature or slightly warm for enhanced taste. If kale is not available use spinach, Swiss […]

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  • Texan-Mexican (Tex-Mex) Chicken Drumsticks and Rice

    The cuisine that is called Tex-Mex comes from Texans of Mexican heritage who lived in Texas before it became part of USA and also from Mexican immigrants who came later, largely from Northern Mexico. It is basically Mexican but has some variations and tends to be less hot and complex than traditional Mexican. This Tex-Mex […]

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  • Spiralized Courgette or zucchini noodles

    We all know that vegetables and fruits are good for us. They help us to stay healthy! Here is a recipe that is easy to do if you have a spiralizer, a sharp cutting device invented by the Japanese. It makes thin ribbons of the vegetable you are using. If you don’t have this device, […]

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